Quo vadis?

I was rereading an examination of an essay over at Gornahoor recently,  when again I was struck by the allusion made to Peter’s flight from Rome. Although in writing Cologero appears to have Peter and Christ mixed up (it was Peter who asked “Quo Vadis?” to which Jesus replied, “Back to Rome”) nevertheless the point was understood. Edwin Dyga in his essay Transcendence and the Aristocratic Principle is arguing for a return to Rome. I believe in part that an initial reading of this may have contributed to my joining the Church of Rome.

So it was strange today that while attending a training course at work I was left wondering if I have a future in my place of work? While I am less worried about the industry in general, I could certainly point to a number of instances during the day which gave me pause for thought. The modern world is pervasive, the thought processes and bodies of academic writing fundamental to critique enter every field, or so it seems. Hence the coincidence of reading the article at Gornahoor just a day before, some connection was made.

I am certainly not one to sit still once an idea has come to mind, I feel compelled, if only slightly at first, into acting. In the next few days, weeks, even months I may come to realise that a change needs to take place. I feel that starting to write this blog is a sign of some change within me, as well as other changes that have taken place within the community I had been privileged to be part of. I am of course speaking about the closure of West Coast Reactionaries (a great example of the written word on an vast number of significant subjects by some well read authors).

There are a number of pathways now open to me, of which, I have begun to tread one or two with the help of worthy guides. I hope this blog will be a relaxed place of reflection for myself as well as a source of inspiration for you and others who happen to stop here for a few moments, or perhaps longer.


Author: Auld Wat

Delving into the depths of Medieval Europe; the last great Traditional Aryan civilisation.

2 thoughts on “Quo vadis?”

  1. May this outer work be helpful and fruitful for you in your interior work . To be able to be more aware of our destiny and our purpose in every waking moment and especially in those periods of our lives that require us to “work” is a challenge , but a worthy exercise to do .


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