The importance of prayer to a warrior

We often hear that activities such as prayer and going to church, and regrettably Christianity itself, are seen as effeminate. This is clearly not the case, one needs only look at the Middle Ages epitomes of chivalry; the Nine Worthies.

An example of the importance of prayer to a warrior is that of Edward III, king of England. The founder of the Order of the Garter and rouser of the English courageous spirit made a lasting effect on England as a nation. A key to his success in battle against the French and the Scots was his devotion to Saint George, (along with the Blessed Virgin and Saint Thomas Becket) and his careful reading of strategy. Here is a quote from Ian Mortimer’s book on Edward III:

At times like this Edward was a warrior monk to whom the military guidebook of Vegetius was like a bible and whose reverential prayer all his waking hours was for victory over his adversary.

Note the devotion to Vegetius’ De Re Militari. Now Edward is a medieval king in the middle of fighting a dynastic struggle against Philip of France, whereas myself and some who might be reading this are only humble men training with swords on a weekly basis.

However, we share a commonality in a valuable book from which to draw knowledge and inspiration. When I pick up my copy of Meyer to read it from time to time, I pray on what he has written. Regular meditation on readings can help to create a vision in our minds of what the text is demonstrating, Meyer being no exception.

So pick up a book, pray like the knights of old, and … you’ll be a Man, my son!



Author: Auld Wat

Delving into the depths of Medieval Europe; the last great Traditional Aryan civilisation.

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