Return to Rome

The film Agony and the Ecstasy is a famous film of the Hollywood type common to its era. We cannot take it as historically sound though we can draw from it certain truths. The scene I wish to draw attention which starts at the 15 minute mark and continues until 16:15 highlights the temporal prominence of Papal power in the early 1500s just before the Reformation began:

It is clear that we men of Tradition should not seek avarice or worldly gain, rather in seeking to be heavenly philosophers rather than easily tempted brutes  we should look upon this scene as inspiration on a different plane. We want the Church to be a manifestation of order, so we must first embody order within ourselves. We want to be knights who fight for God, so we must embody knightly virtues. We want to serve a noble and just lord, so we must do homage to Our Lord Jesus Christ. The men in the clip above do all this with courage, all through Pope Julius II, the Vicar of Christ. As we do not share their temporal aids our task is harder, though as we know “… with God all things are possible.”[1]


[1] Matthew 19:26


Author: Auld Wat

Delving into the depths of Medieval Europe; the last great Traditional Aryan civilisation.

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